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This adds new functional objects for collecting and gathering water on lots that are Off-the-Grid.

These water sources are a convenient way of adding water to your Off-the-Grid lots. They will automatically add a small amount of water to your household throughout the day and give you an option to collect a more substantial amount if your sim chooses to 'Gather' water from it.

• New and Old Wells
• Ranchers and Spring Water Pumps

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Gameplay & Object

Water Sources I




Only install the files that correspond to the packs you have installed. Please see my Reference page if you're unsure which files you should download.

These will increase your household water a small amount periodically throughout the day. This amount isn't affected by the weather since these tap into underground water sources.

I've added an interaction that allows you to 'Gather' water from these water sources. When your Sims approach the water source, they will use a bucket to scoop up some water which will add a larger amount of water to your household. The animations even match the type of source the water is collected from!

Just remember to give the source some time to accumulate more water before gathering again. If your sim tries to gather water too soon, it will let you know that the water level is too low to collect from.

Lastly, these will give a positive eco boost to your lot if you have Eco Lifestyle installed!

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